Before starting my own distributorship, I worked for other companies where there were multiple offices with dozens of account executives. Naturally, we like to offer our customers a relationship as personal as possible, where every inquiry, every order, every message, every person is important. And because we go to market with our ideas, not just products and prices, we don't want our web presence to make us look like commodity brokers. Nor can we afford having visitors visit something boring or dull. Our website is so flexible that we can truly tailor it to fit our needs. Our self-expression is the key to our communication, and we can do it ourselves, literally in minutes. Creating links to our preferred suppliers helps clients understand that our ideas and creativity are the value-added dimension to the products we deliver, and that's the critical factor in today's competitive environment.

  • Terri
  • Monmouth Promotions - San Rafael, CA
  • Jul 12

The selection of products is awesome and the customer service cannot be beat! Definitely recommend calling them for your promotional products needs.

  • Danielle
  • R2 Car2
  • Jul 01

My company is small, but we deliver big results to our clients and I love the way my SAGE Website helps me compete with bigger distributors who have bigger overheads and budgets for their web presence. I sometimes reprint the complimentary letters that clients send me ... they make such good introductions. But the testimonial feature saves me lots of printing costs, and I love the way it invites customers to submit their own nice thoughts. I've had several calls resulting from the Tell-A-Friend feature ... who wouldn't love that. My online showroom lets me create theme-oriented collections of products that have specific appeal to certain target audiences, and that really reflects the way we do business.

  • Andy
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • May 22

I've been a fan of SAGE Websites since they first came out. At Incentive Works we depend on our website to reach clients in neighboring cities and states. We have several offices and account executives who work from their homes, but our website gives us a very professional way to present our company as one with remote locations and every account executive accessible with a mouse-click. It's all about relationship-selling these days, and we're sold on the way our web presence builds relationships with existing customers and turns new prospects into good accounts.

  • John
  • Incentive Works - Englewood, Colorado
  • Apr 12
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